nedjelja, 12. lipnja 2016.

K.Marinović - Walking On Top Of The Sea Meets Color

Walking On Top Of The Sea Meets Color

I love making these color re-edits and turn B&W shots into color. A few years ago, I only did B&W, every photo I shot was a B&W one, but now, I really see how color enhances photos. 

nedjelja, 5. lipnja 2016.

K.Marinović - Entropia (Taken with an iPhone)

Entropia (Taken with an iPhone)

You guys already know I like making these quick phone shots whenever I stumble upon something interesting. This one is very messy: the clouds and branches are all over the place. Back to my B&W roots, I haven´t uploaded a B&W photo in a while...

petak, 27. svibnja 2016.

K.Marinović - Colors On Drugs

Colors On Drugs

Honestly, this is the photo I´ve edited the quickest, out of all my photos. I was just playing with the shot and edited this in one take. I´m sooo happy with the result!
I usually do B&W stuff, so playing with colors a bit more was really fun.

nedjelja, 22. svibnja 2016.

K.Marinović - Birds Meet Color

Birds Meet Color

I really wanted to see how this photo would look with a bit of color to it, so that´s why I made this. I think I created an interesting mood in this. A very crazy one, I must say.
Some of you will probably say the silhouette is a bit too "harsh", but it is meant to be artistic and not "real". This is just supposed to be a very crazy photo, not something you should look as reality, I guess.

nedjelja, 15. svibnja 2016.

K.Marinović - The Orange Piers

The Orange Piers

This is a color re-edit of my photo "The Piers". I love that shot sooo much, I think it has a lot of potential. 
That´s why I´m making several versions of the photo. Everyone will find the version that fits him the most.

nedjelja, 8. svibnja 2016.

K.Marinović - The Track (Taken with an iPhone)

The Track (Taken with an iPhone)

A very unexpected shot, I was just coming back home the way I never did before, and this happened, an interesting iPhone panorama.

nedjelja, 1. svibnja 2016.

K.Marinović - Leaving Meets Color

Leaving Meets Color

I was searching through my old photos and found this one in B&W and kinda thought that B&W wasn´t doing it justice. So, I decided to make this one, with some really lovely colors in the sky. I´m really satisfied how the colors here turned out. Also, that sun reflection is something rather special.

ponedjeljak, 25. travnja 2016.

K.Marinović - Waiting Meets Color

Waiting Meets Color

This is a re-edit of my photo "Waiting" which I like veeeery much. 
Believe it or not, Waiting is one of my favorite photos I´ve ever taken, so I decided to make a slightly different version of it.

nedjelja, 21. veljače 2016.